Sue Dawe Classic Gallery

Up From the Grid

18" x 24" - airbrushed acrylic paint on Illustration board, with Prismacolor and designers' gouache


calendar, posters, prints, back-to-school products, greeting cards


Back in '82 I was interviewed by one of my artist-heroes, Harrison Ellenshaw, to work on the original 'Tron' movie. What they required could be accomplished by any airbrush artist with a modicum of skill, and not being in the Animation Union, I was fairly certain that I would not get the job. I went home, and said to myself 'I can paint a grid!' Inspired by a billboard featuring the Budweiser stallion, Baron, I created 'Up From the Grid'. I have ridden a Clydesdale at a good canter, and can feel the thunder of this horse's hooves across the grid.